• What is the attraction of buying real estate in Dubai

  • It is fair to call Dubai a city not only of the present, but also of the future. Here are huge skyscrapers, many offices, offices of the world's leading brands, various entertainment centers and more. Owners of real estate in the Emirates are considered successful people. But it is wrong to think that it is available only to millionaires.

    With the right approach, you can invest in the early stages of construction and get in the long run a huge benefit. It can be passive income from renting out real estate, opening your own office or living in one of the most developed and safe countries in the world.


    What attracts Emirates investors

    Having your own apartment or other real estate in the UAE can provide the owner with excellent profits. This is a profitable investment with minimal risks. After studying the proposals on the site https://theorchardplace.ae/ it can be concluded that the investment in real estate can pay for itself in the short term and bring exclusively passive income.

    Why is this the situation in the Emirates? There are several key reasons why investing in real estate in this country has become increasingly popular and in demand in recent years.

    • Government programs. The authorities of the country actively attract foreign investors. This gives a unique opportunity to become the owner of a real estate object at reasonable prices and on very favorable terms;
    • Tax freedom. Investors will not have to pay taxes on real estate. The only condition is payment of the registration fee. No additional costs. For comparison, in many European countries, you have to pay from 2 to 15% for real estate;
    • Favorable prices. Real estate prices in the Emirates are really at an affordable level. Given that the investor saves on taxes, it gives the opportunity for the same money to become the owner of more square meters;
    • High return on investment. One of the main advantages of investing in real estate in the UAE is the opportunity to earn high passive income. In some countries, to recoup residential or commercial real estate through rent, you can spend more than 10-15 years. In the Emirates it happens much faster. Passive income opens up prospects for living or buying new real estate.

    As you can see, there are many objective factors that speak in favor of buying real estate in the Emirates. Whether it will be a residential apartment, a private house or a commercial object, it is up to you to decide.